New research published in the Journal of Flood Risk Management aims to summarise the current natural flood management modelling approaches for reducing flood risk, an approach commended in the Pitt Review (2007). The study provides a comprehensive review of natural flood management modelling, a nature-based approach to reducing flood risk by working with natural processes. The document summarises the current modelling approaches, comparing their advantages and disadvantages regarding data, accuracy, and scalability.


The research also identifies challenges modellers face, such as data availability and quality, model uncertainty and validation, scale dependency and transferability, and stakeholder engagement and communication. The research suggests potential solutions to overcome these challenges, such as using remote sensing data, developing multi-criteria evaluation frameworks, applying multi-scale modelling techniques, and enhancing co-production and knowledge exchange. The research provides practical guidance for improving future modelling and data collection processes for natural flood management.


Full research from the Journal of Flood Risk Management.

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