The Environment Agency has published its latest Research and Analysis Report, “A Review of the Research and Scientific Understanding of Drought: Summary Report.”

The report has been produced from research led by the Environment Agency’s Chief Scientist’s Group. The review provides a comprehensive overview of the current knowledge of drought in the UK. Drought is a complex hazard, and drought events can vary dramatically in time, frequency, duration, location and severity; with widespread impacts on the environment and critical infrastructure. Drought risk is anticipated to change due to climate change, yet the impacts are uncertain, as is the associated risk. This significantly challenges the Environment Agency’s ability to manage water resources and environmental hazards.

The project reviewed the current body of scientific knowledge on the UK drought by focusing on three key themes: (i) the physical processes that drive droughts; (ii) the impacts of drought; (iii) and the management of drought. The report combines the current scientific understanding of drought in the UK to facilitate knowledge transfer into practice in drought hazard and risk management. In addition, the research identifies current gaps in knowledge to inform further studies across drought risk management and resilience themes.

The researchers aim to continue building on the findings of this report to identify further co-benefits for drought management and resilience.


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