The Health Foundation article delves into the current public health crisis in the UK, highlighting the stagnation of life expectancy and the widening health disparities. It emphasises the need for a prevention-focused approach to improve national health and prevent avoidable deaths. The article emphasises the impact of ill health among working-age adults on the UK’s economy, calling for a government strategy that prioritises prevention to address health inequalities and enhance long-term prosperity. It outlines specific measures government departments can take to improve public health outcomes and identifies key barriers to progress, including short-term thinking and financial constraints. Additionally, the article outlines priorities for the government, as proposed by an expert panel, such as target-based monitoring, governance, and long-term funding mechanisms.


This links to recent open-access research undertaken by Dr James Grellier at the University of Exeter, which was published in Environment International under the title Valuing the health benefits of nature-based recreational physical activity in England. The findings demonstrate that nearly 13,000 instances of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in England are preventable annually through increasing physical activity in natural environments and saving over £100 million in healthcare and societal expenses.





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