As part of the MYRIAD-EU project that focuses on multi-hazard risk, a new study has been published. The study presents a novel open-source tool, the MYRIAD-Hazard Event Sets Algorithm (MYRIAD-HESA), that compiles data on multiple hazards that have occurred in the past. This tool can handle hazards of different types, scales, and intensities. With MYRIAD-HESA, it is now possible to compile a global database of multi-hazard events that covers eleven types of hazards that have occurred between 2004 and 2017. By considering the time-lag between the occurrence of hazards, MYRIAD-HESA identifies impactful events that occurred in close succession. This new tool is flexible and can be used to incorporate higher resolution data for multi-risk assessments for specific areas.


Click here to read the research paper published in Nature – Scientific reports

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