Looking beyond our borders would improve preparedness for extreme floods

New research published in the journal Nature found that almost all extreme flooding across Europe could have been predicted by examining previous significant events in other parts of the continent…. Read more

Shifting power through participation in post-disaster recovery: a scoping review

Using a qualitative analytical approach, this paper, published in the International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, presents an overview of the existing power imbalances, participatory activities, and their associated outcomes… Read more

Pathways to resilience: Results and insights from the ENGAGE project

The ENGAGE project is a research initiative to boost societal resilience through a whole-of-society approach, by connecting formal and informal actors in disaster management. The project includes 15 partners from… Read more

UN Environment Programme Publishes Adaptation Gap Report 2023

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has released the Adaptation Gap Report 2023, which assesses the progress and challenges of climate adaptation, loss and damage in developing countries. The report… Read more

AI Safety Summit and landmark Bletchley Declaration for frontier AI

Some 28 countries, including major AI nations such as the UK, US, EU, and China, have reached a groundbreaking agreement at Bletchley Park to establish a shared understanding of the… Read more

Help protect your home and recover after flooding: Free CIWEM training for homeowners

The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) is offering free training to members of the public affected by flooding caused by Storm Babet and Storm Ciarán. The training… Read more

Effects of disaster education on children’s risk perception and preparedness: A quasi-experimental longitudinal study

New Research published in the Geographical Journal, “Effects of disaster education on children’s risk perception and preparedness: A quasi-experimental longitudinal study”, analysed the impact of a disaster education program on… Read more

BCI Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) Edition 7.0, launch on 1st November 2023

The Business Continuity Institute has recently launched the latest version of the Good Practice Guidelines (GPG 7.0) for business continuity and resilience professionals. These guidelines provide the best practices and… Read more

AI for numerical weather prediction

The Alan Turing Institute and the Met Office have teamed up for a new collaboration to develop AI models to improve weather forecasting, including extreme weather events, to save lives… Read more

Resilience Community Survey 2023

The Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College has a new research project to gain insight into the evolving needs of the resilience community in line with the UK Government Resilience Framework…. Read more