Case Studies

The Role of Industry in Sweden’s Total Defence: Past, Present, and Future

This article by Pär Malmberg, Jan Ottosson, Martin Eriksson, and Olle Jansson discusses Sweden’s work with industry as part of its total defence concept and whole-of-society approach to national preparedness…. Read more

International Models of Emergency Management Involving Civil Society

The National Preparedness Commission commissioned an 18 month research programme entitled ‘Towards a Resilient Democracy’, funded by the JRSST Charitable Trust. The fourth in a series of reports by Dr… Read more

British Red Cross Research on Flooding in the UK

Imagine a nation that is perfectly prepared for flooding. What does the social contract between government and citizen look like in this scenario? Broadly, we might imagine that on one… Read more

Preparedness efforts for health threats: the gap between detection and action

The World Health Organisation (WHO) was highly criticised for its delay in declaring Covid-19 as a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC) via social media and a public investigation,… Read more

The Role of Industry in Sweden’s Total Defence: Past, Present, and Future

In anticipation of an article to be published by NPC in early 2023, Par Malmberg, Chair, Swedish Government’s Inquiry into the Security of Supply, shares the article’s main themes on… Read more

The Thames Barrier as a case study in preparedness

Since 1982, partial protection against moderate to high levels of tidal flooding has been provided by the Thames Barrier at Greenwich. Flooding in central London is possible from a range… Read more

The Community Response to Covid-19 in Dursley and Cam: A Case Study

In this case study, Stephen Dunmore, Chair of the Royal Voluntary Service, provides an insight into how the local community organisation and charity “GL11 Community Hub” led the local response… Read more