Wanted: a better economic framework for resilience

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Effective Communication with the Public During a Crisis Round Table

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Crises, resilience, and complex systems

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How to unlock value through resilience and evolve for disruption

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What does Category 2 Responder status mean for the Met Office?

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UK Resilience Lessons Digest 2: Learning in Action

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10 Golden Rules: How an effective ‘safe to fail’ training and exercising programme can improve response capability

Every emergency yields lessons for improvement – lessons that need to go beyond the identification stage and be truly ‘learned’ if we are to avoid repeated failure.  Effective training and… Read more

Initial response to the Integrated Review Refresh (IR2023)

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Making whole-of-society resilience everyone’s business

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The Role of Industry in Sweden’s Total Defence: Past, Present, and Future

This article by Pär Malmberg, Jan Ottosson, Martin Eriksson, and Olle Jansson discusses Sweden’s work with industry as part of its total defence concept and whole-of-society approach to national preparedness…. Read more