Responding to Shocks – lessons from Covid-19

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Trust in people power

The Chief Executive of the British Red Cross, Mike Adamson, writes for the NPC about the importance of building trust in order to strengthen relationships.   ‘The people when rightly… Read more

Strengthening the UK’s National Resilience: The Tasks Ahead

This article, by Lord Toby Harris, was first published by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) on 8 April 2021 and is reproduced here with its permission.  The need to… Read more

A better UK approach to biosecurity

Imagine a world in which you wake up, brush your teeth and breathe into a magic tube. In a matter of seconds, a sequencer in this tube tells you whether… Read more

A state of preparedness

This article for the National Preparedness Commission by Aidan Shilson-Thomas, Senior Researcher, and Sebastian Rees, Researcher, at Reform draws on the main tenets of a recent report by Reform titled… Read more

Futures thinking and foresight – tools for better preparedness

In February this year, the UK Government published ‘A brief guide to futures thinking and foresight’ in order to improve policy-making. The guide is derived from 20 years of work… Read more

Be prepared

This is a cross-post from The Risk Coalition by Lord Toby Harris. 2020 was not the year any of us expected.  Moreover, if we go back to the early months of… Read more

What are the lessons of the last year in managing biosecurity risks and national security generally?

As a nation we were supposed to be prepared for a pandemic. It has been a Tier One risk in the UK Government’s National Security Risk Assessment for the last… Read more

How do we improve infrastructure resilience?

The recent joint Royal Academy of Engineering and National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) roundtable event was convened to discuss the resilience of national economic infrastructure. This infrastructure covers, for example, power,… Read more

National Preparedness Commission has its first meeting

Today, I chaired the first meeting of the National Preparedness Commission. Its mission to promote better preparedness for a major crisis or incident has never been more timely. In the… Read more