The International Institute for Sustainable Development has recently published a briefing note to provide policymakers, adaptation practitioners, and negotiators with new perspectives on how the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process can help address transboundary climate risks. The NAP processes are increasingly being used by governments to identify and prioritise their medium to long-term adaptation priorities for climate change, and integrating into development planning and budgeting processes. The Global Transboundary Climate Risk Report 2023 was published earlier this year as a timely follow up on how the NAP process can tackle transboundary climate risks by emphasising the significance of collaborative and coordinated efforts among countries. It is hoped that this briefing note will assist policymakers, adaptation practitioners, and negotiators in their countries’ NAP processes to effectively plan and manage these risks.


Click here for the Briefing Note: Transboundary Climate Risks and the National Adaptation Planning Process

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